KODI-FOODS  was founded with the goal to bring quality food products, and a breath of fresh air to the kosher market, it is the spirit we bring in the products we develop with passion under our brand ODEL, which rapidly became in France of course, but also in the rest of Europe and many other countries around the world, a reference in terms of quality and innovation and for the prestige of its kosher certification without any compromise.

KODI-FOODS   also distributes in France, many prestigious kosher brands from around the world, carefully selected for their quality, always with the same goal in mind: the satisfaction of our customers.

KODI-FOODS  is based in the area of Paris, France, we supply specialized retailers, supermarkets, chain stores, schools, HORECA, everywhere in France, and in many European countries.

We strongly believe that our devotion to the brands we represent, as well as the satisfaction of our customers, makes the difference.